12-13 марта, 2018

Конференция "Георадар-2018"


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About a conference

«Georadar - 2017» is a Russian scientific-practical conference. It is the new way of the previously held GPR-oriented conferences at the Moscow State University in 2000s.

The main objectives of the conference:

  • tto create a  platform  for research and supply of the hardware-methodology solutions in the GPR
  • fostering the sustainable positive view of the GPR technologies and methodologies in the business environment and at the geophysical services markets;
  • the popularization of the GPR methodologies;
  • promotion of the best GPR equipment with unique high-tech features to the market;
  • to establish new business contacts and exchange of experience;
  • to attract of investments;
  • to attract new customers for the GPR.

The official program of the "Georadar - 2017" conference includes a master class on GPR, an exhibition of geophysical equipment and software, presentations, field demonstration of modern GPR equipment and software, and discussions. 

Конференция «ГЕОРАДАР»
+7 (495) 411-45-26