19-20 октября 2020 года

Конференция "Георадар-2020"


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About a conference

Scientific and practical conference "GEORADAR" is a continuation of the conferences on georadio-radiation held in the 2000s at the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov. 

The main objectives of the conference: 

  • Creation of a platform for offering and searching for hardware and methodical solutions ready for implementation in geological exploration, engineering research, in educational processes of educational institutions. 
  • Elimination of "vacuum" between producers of georadars, methodological and scientific centers and end users of equipment and technologies. 
  • Promotion and propaganda of GPR technologies in all possible branches of human activity. 
  • Raising the image of the terms "GPR" and "GPR" in the business environment and in the market of geophysical services in conditions of economic crisis and discrediting the method. 
  • Presentation for discussion of the problems of introduction of GPR in engineering and geological surveys. 
  • Raising the level of qualification of practicing specialists in the field of georadiolocation and young specialists, who are unfamiliar with this subject. 
  • Promotion of advanced georadar equipment with unique high-tech properties on the market. 
  • Struggle against "shamanism" in GPR. 
  • Establishing business contacts and exchange of experience. 
  •  Attraction of new customers for GPR surveys. 
The official program of the conference "GEORADAR" includes an exhibition of geophysical equipment and software, reports, field demonstration of modern georadars and software, a round table. More than 20 issues of GPR application will be discussed during the event, issues of processing and interpretation of GPR data will be raised. It is planned to discuss current problems and prospects of formation of domestic GPR technologies and opportunities to increase profits of public and private enterprises with the introduction of GPR.

Конференция «ГЕОРАДАР»
+7 (495) 411-45-26